If you’re looking to make your casino stand out from the competition, try these tried-and-true marketing strategies that will boost your business — and keep it going in the long run.

In the film Casino, Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci play mafia partners whose loyalty to their boss is matched only by their own love of gambling. Director Martin Scorsese’s movie is a slick thriller that is also an epic history lesson about Vegas.

The movie lays bare the mob’s ties to Sin City and shows how the modern gambling corporations took over the desert city. It explains why nobody other than professional card counters can beat the casinos over the long term. It also makes it clear why a casino’s glitz and glamour can attract even those who have no interest in gambling.

Casinos make a huge contribution to their local economies. They help local politicians avoid raising taxes on other areas of the city and can create a lot of jobs. They’re also often big draws for tourists and can provide much-needed revenue in struggling communities.

Many casinos use “comps” to reward loyal players with free goods and services like hotel rooms, meals, show tickets and even airline or limo service. The idea is to reward high-spending guests, so they can continue to gamble at the casino and bring in new customers. The casino’s management determines who gets comps and how much they are worth. To take advantage of this opportunity, your casino needs to have a robust customer relationship management system in place that tracks the spending of all your guests.