To build customer loyalty, casinos need to attract customers with marketing campaigns that appeal to their emotions. Casinos must cater to their customers’ basic instincts, whether that’s getting hungry after a few hours of gambling, or treating them to a drink after a big win. Casinos should make their players feel welcome and comfortable, and they should also do their best to build deep relationships with local communities. These associations should include free food and drinks, as well as the possibility of free cigarettes and drinks.

In order to retain existing customers, casinos need to offer incentives and perks that make it more appealing to gamble. A common incentive is a ‘comp’, or complimentary items, that casino employees offer to players who spend more money at the casino. In the 1970s, Las Vegas casinos were famous for providing free show tickets and discount travel packages. This was an early form of marketing that focused on increasing the number of people who visited the city. A full hotel and casino floor meant higher gambling revenues.

If a casino wants to retain a high-end client base, testimonials are an excellent way to attract this audience. Casino testimonials can help customers see themselves in the winners. Perhaps the most powerful motivation for players is “I could win, too!”