When you play poker, the goal is to build the best hand you can with the cards you have. This can be achieved by using one card from your hand, two cards from the table, or any combination of those. If your hand is higher than the others, you win the game. If your hand is lower, you lose. However, if you have a pair of aces, you can win the game. Depending on the rules of the game, you can play poker for free or you can pay to win.

Usually, poker is played with poker chips, and the number of chips you need to buy in a game should be at least 200. Each player has their own chip set, and the chips are valued in different ways. The lowest chip is the white one, and the most valuable chip is a red one. Other chips are blue and dark colored, and are worth two, four, or five reds. During the game, players “buy in” by purchasing chips, usually the same amount.

When playing poker, your goal is to have two pairs of cards of the same rank. If you have two pairs of four cards with the same rank, the higher pair wins. If your pair is higher than the other pair, the high card will break the tie. If you have more than one pair of fours with the same rank, you may have a flush. In this case, the highest card in your hand is higher than the other three cards.