The term slot is related to the sports field hockey and ice hockey. A slot is a rectangular area on the ice hockey rink which extends toward the blue line. It is also used in the fourth position during the flying display. The word has a Latin origin, and is cognate with the Greek verb sleutana, meaning “to place in a slot.”

Originally, a slot was a hollow in the throat above the breastbone. Today, slots can refer to a variety of different things, from a job opening to an interior opening in a copy desk. They are also used to refer to the chief copy editor of a publication. And in the world of slots, they can refer to a piece of machinery or even an airport. A slot is also a term for a machine that operates randomly, and is programmed to do so.

Computers are equipped with expansion slots, which enable users to increase the capabilities of their systems. These slots accept add-on boards, such as memory cards and expansion boards. Another type of slot is a bay, which is an opening within a computer in which a disk drive can be installed. Most computers have a number of slots on the back or front of the computer. The definition of a slot includes a visual example of each. This makes it easy to identify which slots are needed.

In the case of slots, an utterance can contain multiple slots or none. The bot will identify the slots, and map them to entities, such as number of rooms required, number of nights, and date. Custom-type slots can be defined, such as a location slot that marks a location in an utterance. If the user wishes to add more slots to an utterance, they can do so from the Slots or Uterance tab.